Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lin Mosei

Lin Mosei was a Taiwanese academic, , and the first Taiwanese to receive a in philosophy. He was additionally an esteemed , and was a Christian.

Lin disappeared within days of the 228 Incident in Taiwan in 1947; he is generally believed to have been killed as a part of 's crackdown after the island-wide civilian uprising.

Lin's second son, Lin Tsung-yi, is an academic and educator in psychiatry.


:1887 - Born in Fu-Cheng, Taiwan .
:1916 - B.A. in philosophy from . He was the first Taiwanese graduate at the university.
:1928 - in literature from Columbia University in . He studied under John Dewey and Paul Monroe.
:1929 - in philosophy from Columbia. His doctoral was entitled ''Public Education in Formosa Under the Japanese Administration: Historical and Analytical Study of the Development and the Cultural Problems''. The paper, written in , was not translated into until 2000.
:1945 - Became of Arts at the National Taiwan University in Taipei.
:1947 - Disappeared on March 11.

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